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The families who foster

You may not think of yourself as different or special, but your empathy for young people who are hurting sets you apart. You know that every kid does better with a steady supply of unconditional care, safety and support—and you feel driven to open your home and your heart to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Although every foster family is different, the families best suited to this commitment tend to be:

  • Confident and effective decision makers
  • Capable of maintaining healthy, supportive relationships with the people living in your household, even through conflict and challenges
  • Willing and able to dedicate time, patience and care to make a difference in a young person’s life
  • Willing and able to provide opportunities for recreational and cultural activities
“We felt we had extra to give—extra energy, extra love, extra effort. What better way to spend your energy than on a child? Foster parenting is so important, and we’re so proud to be a part of this community.”

Supporting kids’ diverse needs

The families who foster through Foster Plus agencies represent the diversity of the state and the diversity of the young people receiving care. Though you don’t need to have the same background as the young people you foster, having a diverse pool of available families helps agencies match kids and teens with the people who can best meet their specific needs. This includes foster parents who:

Are people of color

There are a disproportionate number of young people of color in the foster care system, and caring for them requires cultural competency and an understanding of the challenges that many kids of color face.


LGBTQ+ foster parents can offer understanding and acceptance that reaches young people during a time of self-discovery and transition.

Have experience with traditional foster care

If you have experience as a traditional foster parent and are ready to take the next step, Foster Plus is a great way to amplify your impact.

Have personal experience with trauma

If you’ve experienced and overcome trauma, you may have a greater ability to support and understand a young person who’s struggling to overcome a difficult past.

Have professional experience helping people through trauma

Your professional training and drive to make a difference can help you connect with a kid in need.

Becoming a foster parent
No matter which Foster Plus agency you foster with, your journey will include the steps shown here. Take your first step today.
Interested in becoming a Relief Parent? Learn what’s involved.
Learning & Exploration
  • Learn what's involved
  • Connect with the Foster Plus team
Getting Started
  • Attend an info session
  • Submit your application
Training & Certification
  • Receive specialized training
  • Provide references
  • Complete training process, background checks and home study
  • Meet your support team
  • Learn about the kids your agency serves
  • Complete training process, background checks and home study
Foster Parenting
  • Get paired with foster kid
  • Make a difference in a kid's life
  • Receive 24/7 support
  • Time: you can expect the child to stay in your home for six months to two years
The Mendozas

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