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Teamwork from day one

With your extra commitment comes extra support. The families that open their homes and their hearts to make a difference in a young person’s life are supported every step of the way with extra training, extra financial support and around-the-clock access to a passionate group of professionals, mentors and peers committed to standing with you.

When you foster with a Foster Plus agency, you’ll be part of a team of care that includes:

How to prepare: top tips

Foster Plus is an effort of foster agencies throughout Oregon that work with young people in need of extra support. If you’re interested in fostering, your first step is to contact us. We’ll be in touch soon with helpful information about application process and what’s involved in fostering.

To prepare families and ensure we’re placing kids in homes where they can heal and grow, the certification process involves several steps and typically takes between six weeks and four months. During this time, key steps include training, paperwork, meetings with your support team, a background check and a home inspection. Download our information sheet to learn more.

Deciding to become a foster parent is a major commitment, and it’s normal for one partner to be enthusiastic and the other to have doubts. If your partner does not feel ready, these tips can help you start a dialogue about why you want to foster—and may lead to a change of heart:

  • Understand why you want to foster and what it may mean for your family. It may be helpful to write down what’s motivating you or to create a list of pros and cons. Discuss your reasoning with your partner.
  • Talk to other families who’ve made this decision. They may have wisdom to share or advice on getting started.
  • Break the process down into small steps. For example, rather than asking your partner to commit to becoming foster parents now, see if they would like to attend an information session to learn more. Relief care may also be a good option for families not ready to commit to fostering full time.
  • Listen to your partner, be patient and try to understand their point of view. Remember that it may take time for your partner to come around to the idea.

When you become a foster parent, your life will change. You’ll have less free time and may need to cancel plans at the last minute to provide extra care for the kid you’re fostering. It’s important to talk to your friends and family about this major life change and to find people close to you who can support you in your fostering journey.

You may also want to build connections with other foster parents in your community. Look for support groups online and in your area, and ask your local agency if they can connect you with other families. 

If you’re not quite ready to foster, there are lots of ways to help kids in need. Consider becoming a relief parent and caring for foster kids for a night or two at a time. You can also donate to or volunteer with your local agency.

Circle of Support

Learn about our team of care and the support at every turn. You’re more ready than you think. 

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