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Be the home where
healing happens

You have the power to make a difference in a young person’s life. By fostering with a Foster Plus agency or becoming a Relief Parent, you can help guide a young person in your community toward a healthier, happier future.

Foster Plus is an effort of 13 social service agencies collaborating to connect kids in need with the support and stability of committed, caring foster families.

Start Your Journey

Learn how Zoe opened her home to Angel and Chy.

Nothing easy was ever this rewarding.

Hear how Mindy & Amanda have been the difference for kids in need.

Every child deserves a loving home.

The best fit for your family

With Foster Plus, you can provide care as a full-time Foster Parent or a part-time Relief Parent. Learn more.

Foster Parenting

Relief Care

Your circle of support

A caring and stable home is just the beginning. When you foster with a Foster Plus agency, you’ll be supported 24/7, every step of the way.

Local foster agency
A local agency with expertise in supporting families like yours
Specialized training
Specialized training to prepare you to care for kids with higher needs
Counselors and case managers
Frequent and regular visits and communication with a team dedicated to providing custom care and wraparound support
24/7 on-call support
24/7 access to support staff such as case managers and counselors
Time off
Breaks when you need them, with 48 hours off per month
Extra financial support
Extra financial support starting at $1,400 per month

“My foster mom is the first person who believed in me. She is wonderful, kind, strict, tolerant and, most importantly, she cared about me.”


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